Get Un-comfortable With Being Comfortable

weight loss resort - Morning Beach Walk
Image by ninahale via Flickr

Definitions: Comfortable = adequate; adequate = sufficient to satisfy a requirement; barely satisfactory. What? Now I know why I’d been feeling dissatisfied with myself. I’d gotten too comfortable with being comfortable.

Take my weight goals for instance. Since umm let’s see, 2008 I’ve lost at least 30 pounds and I can run for the bus and not feel my belly jiggling. I’m down from extra large to medium scrubs and I get full from meals that are low in fat and bulk. For the last few months I’d been more comfortable – in my clothes, with my accomplishments but I still didn’t feel like I was “there.” I feel the same with my writing. I had progressed from thinking and talking about writing to being published in three publications and winning two awards. And then I got comfortable and stayed there.

It’s not hard to find that comfort zone and move your life into it. It’s cushy and decorated with familiarity and recognition. You can count on your comfort zone being the same everyday, every month and beyond and you’re satisfied with that. After all, you jumped hurdles to get to this comfort zone; and climbed mountains to fill it with all that you have. There’s probably not a whole lot of stress in your comfort zone, which is great but then again there’s no reason to be stressed if there’s no push for anything beyond what you have.

But is this it? Is this all you want for the next five years, ten years, the rest of your life? Is your comfort zone exciting enough to keep you coming home to it everyday with a smile on your face? Do you believe your comfort zone accurately shows your personal best? What is the definition of  your personal best?

Your personal best is just that: it’s YOURS. It’s the absolute best YOU can be doing whatever it is that you want to do; achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. Human beings are not just one-dimensional. Each one of us are capable of wearing many hats and climbing up high enough to break through  that glass ceiling. The goals we set for  one point of our lives don’t have to be the only goals we achieve in life. We have the ability and opportunity to achieve as many goals as we can – but the first step is to reset the parameters of our comfort zone.

With that in mind, as I dust off the glass award I won for a series of articles I wrote during my tenure at the AFRO Newspaper, I’m working diligently on breaking into freelancing and a book. And, where I once declared I WOULD NOT participate in any marathons, I’m gearing my body up for a 5k next year. UGH! Nervous about these new goals – yes; scared about failing – ALWAYS! Willing to stay in my comfort zone because I’m nervous and scared? Hell no! Gotta keep my life movin!

Are you too comfortable with being comfortable?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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