Savvy Substitutions!

In my opinion, it’s the key to losing weight, keeping it off, and eating for the long haul, rather than for a 30-day trial or a diet where you feel deprived.


This fact became real to me from my earlier experiences of discovering the best path for my nutritional health journey. I’d love to say that I woke up from my cheeseburger and Arby’s roast beef and cheddar dreams with a revelation that cutting foods out of my daily intake in the name of “dieting” was ineffective in the long run, but sadly no. I had to suffer through a few more experiences; not necessarily because I was hard-headed (although I’m sure that was part of it), but because we all eat the foods we eat because we’ve formed a daily habit of eating them. And how can you possibly break the habit of eating unhealthy foods when you actually LIKE those foods?

I didn’t give up meat because I didn’t like it. I was the meat sandwich queen! I loved Big Macs, Double cheeseburgers, Italian subs, Arby’s Roast Beef and Cheddar, Scrapple and cheese, Bacon, lettuce and tomato, Turkey, mayo and cheese, bologna and cheese – I loved them all; and this is only a partial list! But every sandwich on this list is either loaded with too much salt, too much fat or both. So my first substitution for the meat, butter, and mayonnaise that I’d decided to cut from my diet was veggie burgers – Boca Burgers in particular. But while they are low in animal fat, they are high in sodium, so they were only a beginning substitution, one that helped me to transition from the high-content animal fat that I was consuming with each sandwich. The bean/veggie burgers I learned to create in my kitchen later definitely set my on a healthier path of my nutritional healthy journey – and I’ve discovered more healthy substitutions since then.

Here, and throughout my blog, you won’t find complicated recipes – sorry, not my thing. While I do like to experiment with various cultures, and incorporate different foods into my diet, I believe that healthy eating should be EZ, so that it’s easy to stick to it.

Enjoy! 🙂