No More Cheese

Cream Sheese with chives, a 100% vegan alterna...

Cream Sheese with chives, a 100% vegan alternative to cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No More Cheese!

Today is June 5, 2012 – four days since I officially gave up cheese!   And surprisingly, I haven’t disintegrated into a pile of cheese- deprived pieces because of it! Well, what d’ya know about that!

You may have noticed I’m not at all traumatized by my overall segue from a vegetarianism lifestyle to a vegan lifestyle. I’m just missing my cheese! 😉

Cheese and I go way back to my pre-vegetarianism days when my favorite before-work meal was a scrapple and cheese sandwich; when gravy tantalized my tongue more with a healthy dose of melted cheese; and when sliced cheese, hard cheese, pimiento cheese spread and cream cheeses were the heart and soul of my culinary adventures.

Without an extra helping of gooey globs of cheese blanketing my pizza, my moment was ruined. Cheese was my black dress that I could dress up or down; accessorize with tongue-twirling spices or just swallow as is.  And as I reflect, I believe my need to shred and melt cheese over everything I ate, rendered my  kitchen creativity nearly comatose. I experimented minimally. Just give me the cheese please and my meals blossomed.

Now though, while I know I have an array of vegan cheeses at my disposal – an array that I’ve sampled and aren’t thrilled with so far – going cheeseless will expand my talents in the kitchen and force me to consult my spice rack and vegan groceries for extra flavor and variety.

Vicki‘s Vegan Ventures will be instrumental in aiding me to create a new normal without cheese, and hopefully without too many cheese substitutes. Come back often to see where this new freedom to create is leading me. 🙂



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