EZ Veggie/fruit Smoothie combos

I’ve never been much of a recipe person except to use as a general guide to combining new tastes. But after experimenting on my own, it doesn’t take long for me to go my own way. πŸ™‚WPsmoothie

This collection of smoothies is a result of me just trying different combinations to see what tastes good with what, and learning what tastes work for you is the defining key to sticking with healthy eating. I’m not such a fan of all-fruit smoothies because even without adding sugar, the sweetness is overwhelming. πŸ™‚ Veggie/fruit smoothies offer a wider variety of nutrients and flavors. The ingredients I use vary:

  • Fruits galore: apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avacadoes, berries of all kinds, pears, watermelon
  • Veggies: carrots, cucumbers, kale, and spinach are my favorites.
  • Other additions: To dress up my smoothie tastes a bit, I also use ginger root, soaked cashews, a tablespoon or two of peanut butter, veggie purees like butternut squash, which also makes a deliciously creamy smoothie, spices such as apple pie spice, vanilla flavoring, and Greek yogurt. The possibilities are endless and offer healthy, delicious results.


  • Convenience: Cutting up the ingredients for a smoothie can make or break a commitment to having one every morning or evening. So, I spend a half an hour a week peeling, chopping and freezer-bagging veggies and fruits for my smoothies.
  • Creamy smoothies: To any smoothie combo, you can add a banana or a peeled avacado (half or whole) to make your smoothie deliciously creamy. In addition, you’ll find that freezing your fruits and veggies will thicken and chill your smoothies.

So, here are some smoothie combos that taste good to me but feel free to ad-lib as much as you like. πŸ™‚