Get Your Veggie/Fruit Fix … and have fun doing it

Eating fruits and vegetables is a necessary thing if we want to get the proper amount of nutrients into our bodies. Let’s look at few facts:
• Potassium: We need this nutrient for healthy heartbeats, to balance fluid in our bodies, and to absorb the proper amount of calcium. Have you ever had kidney stones? It could be that they developed because of low potassium levels, which led to low calcium levels, which raised your risk of developing the stones. You can find potassium in potatoes: baked and sweet, bananas, orange juice, yogurt to name a few.
• Calcium and Vitamin D: We all know that calcium builds bones and healthy teeth, and that vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin, is necessary to help absorb the calcium. Did you also know that vitamin D helps minimize your risk of multiple sclerosis? And that it fights other diseases such as flu and heart disease?

There are a host of other nutrients that our bodies need to remain healthy as we age, and our quality of life pays the price when we don’t get a daily dose at every meal. So, why not have fun doing it?20160321_120507-1.jpg

Smoothies are one of the very BEST ways to fulfill your daily nutrient requirements, and they’re super simple to make at home without the added sugar you’ll find in the store-bought concoctions. With a blender, a MagicBullet, Nutribullet, or Ninja you can create nutrient-rich quickie snacks or meal replacements. Fruit smoothies are healthy and delicious, just remember that the fructose in fruit can be just as unhealthy as adding granulated sugar if you’re not careful. That’s one of the reasons I choose veggie/fruit smoothies, which cut the sugar and offer a host of additional vitamins and minerals. Click here for some smoothie ideas.


Zucchini spirals created with my veggie spiral machine.

Kitchen Gadgets
My Dad gave me a food processor years ago before he died which started me on the easy road to food preparation. With it, I’ve prepared hummus, potato kugel, bean dips, and chopped salad ingredients. Now I have a Ninja, which does the same thing, only on a smaller scale, and I recently bought a machine that quickly slices and spirals my cucumber, zucchini, onions, apples, carrots, and pears for easy access when I want a smoothie, a salad, or a stir-fry.

Let’s face it. As we age, our bodies will naturally deteriorate; but the number of people living longer, healthier lives well into their 90’s and even past 100 years old show that it is possible to live quality lives, disease-free and healthy. Choosing to eat healthy meals every day is a lifetime commitment that will reap huge rewards.

So make it easy on yourself, and have fun including delicious combinations of vegetables and fruits to your diet! Live healthy and strong! 