Hi there! Welcome to Ezhealthcents 🙂


I’m Vicki T. Lee, the owner, writer and editor of this site.

Years ago when I first embarked on a week-long starvation diet to lose a few pounds, I didn’t know that I was beginning a life-long journey of focusing on nutrition. Nor did I understand just where that journey would take me. Well, at the end of that week, in a weakened state and close to fainting, I ended that diet, only to gain all the weight back along with a healthy dose of frustration.

Since then, I’ve tried many diets – only to conclude that they aren’t realistic; and many diet pills – only to conclude they can be dangerous. When I transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle in 1994, I felt like my nutrition level was improving and that food was finally getting an opportunity to work in my favor. People asked how could I give up cheeseburgers, and chicken – fried or baked. Of course, the obligatory question: “Do you eat seafood?” never far behind the others, was always followed by my response, “Nope! Nothing with eyes or a face.”

Giving up those foods wasn’t hard for me thank goodness, probably because I blamed them as the reasons my jeans couldn’t make it up past my thighs anymore.  So that thought process became my saving grace: I made any food I wanted to give up my enemy, decided the food tasted disgusting, and formed a habit of not eating it. It was a daunting task because while vegetarians don’t eat meat, there are plenty of other foods designed to ruin nutritional goals like: mayonnaise, cookies, pies, and hordes of other processed food goodies.

I succeeded in giving up those foods, which showed me just how psychologically-based losing weight can be, and 26 years later, it gave me the courage to take my nutrition journey to a new level. I became a vegan when I was 50 years old.

Now at 54, my nutrition journey has led me down many roads in my quest to find a nutritional balance, and I’ve learned a few important facts:

1. While I’m not upset about giving up meat, the real enemy is chemically-filled, processed foods;

2. Portion control is key in this great land of super-sized meals;

3. Eating healthy is possible without going broke.

Well, I’ve learned much more, but hopefully you’ll get evidence of that via my posts.

With these blog posts, I hope to provide helpful information on topics such as clean-eating, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, gluten-free dietary choices, juicing, and processed foods: some that I’ve gained via my own food journey experiences, and some that I’ve spent time researching for the purposes of posting here. I encourage you to have fun with the recipes, and allow my personal foodie experiences to get you started on, or help you to find a healthy balance in your food journey.



While Ezhealthcents represents my passion for sharing healthy information, I am not a certified nutritionist, dietician, nurse or doctor. As such, I will not make any quick, weight-loss claims nor dietary cures..I declare that my experiences and recipes are my own unless otherwise stated.

Thank you so much for dropping by! Stay as long as you’d like!



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