Edible Rice Paper: Vegan Perfect


This intricately designed sheet, believe it or not, is edible rice paper – a product I stumbled over while shopping for a low-fat, sodium-light, and calorie-friendly substitute for tortillas.

See, I am a sandwich, wrap, casserole-type person who delights in creating new and exciting tastes by mixing various flavors together. Rarely do I enjoy one flavor of anything alone for long before deciding that it would taste good mixed with another flavor. Before I became a vegetarian, I’d make baloney and cheese, pickle, tomato and potato chip sandwiches – and dunk bite-size portions into kool-aid.  Then I graduated to onion-garlic fried veggie burgers in between two pancakes and smothered with syrup – you know, that salty-sweet thing. A vegan who tries to eat as clean as possible, I still love mixing my flavors, and this edible rice paper is perfect for holding it all together.

IMG_20131116_112628_0What I have here is simply a mixed-veggie combination seasoned with garlic powder, pepper and hot sauce, and wrapped in the same circle of rice paper that I’m holding above. Yep, believe it or not it’s the same. To turn the firm paper above into the pliable and edible form you see wrapped around these veggies, all I needed to do was hold the rice paper under the faucet of warm water for about 5 seconds. It becomes translucent and is very easy to manipulate. Then I lay the softened paper on my plate, fill with veggies, then wrap just like you would wrap a tortilla with fillings.

IMG_20131116_110847_0Now you’ve got a perfectly wrapped combination of your favorite foods that you can eat as is, or dip into your favorite sauces. What I like best about the edible rice paper is its simplicity. Its made with “tapioca” – starch from the cassava plant; “rice flour, water and salt.” The sodium content and calorie count are low and their lack of taste blends in the background so that the flavors of your foods takes center stage.

You don’t have to be vegan to give these a try.



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