Food Scale Dilemma: To Weigh Or Not Weigh?

I’m a vegan, I run three times a week and I have cut my processed food intake down if not out. So, my question to myself – or anybody who might be listening is ….. do I need to weigh my food?

I’ve been contemplating buying a food scale recently – not for any reason so lofty as being a good vegan and watching how much I eat. Just ’cause I had money in my pocket on my last Wal-Mart trip that’s all. When I’m stressed I shop. I saw a cute little scale for less than $20 and I almost picked it up until I remembered I needed yarn. Then I forgot to go back to it.

But had I remembered, would it have been a waste of my money?

Benefits of Weighing Food

I guess there is a good reason for weighing food – even though I think I just saw my Dad frown from his memorial photo. I can’t imagine him being that organized about food – not the man who taught me to cook, not by following a recipe, but by feel and taste. And when it came to proportions, he filled a full-size plate and ate until he was full – it was just that simple. But, well he did pass away from diabetes complications.

So, okay, I guess the scale could keep me on track with how much oatmeal I ate at one time. I love oatmeal and a bowl or two of it for my post-run meal fills me up perfectly! I never worry how much I’m eating ’cause, well, it is good for me right? And avacados – ummm. I love cutting up an avacado and mixing it with salsa and the using the whole thing as a dip for crackers or carrots. Now the avacado has a lot of fat calories – healthy fats they say, but the salsa is relatively fat free and low calorie. But, perhaps the scale could give me a good idea of just how much of that I’m noshing on too.

Now that I’m thinking about this, there’s an emotional reason for weighing food also. By actually seeing that I am getting the right amounts, hopefully it might cure my mind from thinking that I haven’t had enough to eat. Like when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and detour to the kitchen on the way back to bed. If there are pretzels or crackers in the cabinet, I will stand there, half sleep and eat one after the other, after the other – not caring that it’s not good vegan behavior until the morning when I remember what I did. (In my defense, I don’t buy those things myself)

I am working on that visual thing in another way. Instead of using traditional dinner-size plates for food, I use saucers or bowls, which significantly lower my portion size. I also listen to my body and let it tell me what the best portion size is. I listen for the first sounds of fullness – the absence of growling and I’m tuned in for the first feelings of energy, instead of eating beyond that and feeling sleepy. Yep – we vegans still have foods in our diets that will get us yawning.

One Bad Point

The one bad point that I see is that it could breed obsession if I depended on it too much. For me, that’s a relevant consideration. I don’t like to count on anything that’s out of my natural circle and I can’t imagine weighing my food for life if I don’t have to. But my fear is, will depending on using the scale to measure my food mean that when I stop I’ll go back to overeating again? Hmmm … that’s food for thought.

I’ll keep it on my “perhaps” list right now and see if I can get my body to pinch me or something before my mid-night snack craving kicks in.

How about you? Do you weigh your food? How’s it working for you?

3 thoughts on “Food Scale Dilemma: To Weigh Or Not Weigh?

    • The above comment may be irrelevant now that I don’t think my first one posted, but basically what I said is that I used to count calories obsessively and I cannot emphasize enough–that there was a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders when I stopped. It was significant enough that I would be extremely hesitant to ever weigh my food for fear of knowing myself and how easily that obsession can be created. Obviously you know yourself better than me :)–but if you have any concerns for yourself falling down that path of obsession–don’t do it! Trust me. I figure using a color guide for food–mostly greens, reds, oranges rather than browns is a helpful way to watch what you’re eating. I cut my sugar addiction and processed foods as you did also. It sounds like you have trained your body pretty well then-I would think for the most part you can trust yourself to eat correct portions most days of the week. If you are having cravings could it be related to fatigue? I found out I have adrenal fatigue so taking supplements for energy reduces my cravings for food for energy.


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