Finding My Stride:

With a city of women, I finished my first 5k in June – coming in at 35:47 – five minutes and 47 seconds past my goal (it was probably that stop at the first water table). But that’s alright! I finished it! Felt good about it! But now it’s time to add more miles to my training.

I’m moving on to a new challenge.

English: 100 m final at the World Championship...

English: 100 m final at the World Championship Athletics 2009 in Berlin (Carmelita Jeter, Kerron Stewart, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Debbie Ferguson, Aleen Bailey) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it’s not easy. It felt like I’d pushed my body as far as it could possibly go by running the 5k, a distance Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce could probably leap and complete. But With a little inspiration, I’m determined to run farther and faster. Out there pounding the concrete today, I’ve got R. Kelly singing about signs of a victory in my ear. He can feel the sun on his face and “heaven in this place,” while all I’m feeling is sweat trickling from my sports bra down my back into the crevasse between my butt cheeks. Slowly but surely though, I’m finding my stride.

For the second time, I covered this six-mile route around Baltimore City. With an equal mix of challenging hills – up and down, it has quickly become my favorite because the hills force me to focus more. I don’t automatically stop and walk when I approach a hill anymore. I slow my stride and run baby steps up the hill. I’m getting better at sticking with it too – instead of letting my mind talk me out of finishing like before.

But I’m still not able to run the whole six miles without walking. Today I finished the route in 1:15, five minutes slower than my last run – definitely going in the wrong direction. 🙂 I pushed myself harder though, which led to more walk times.

The run felt great though! In the midst of being tired, I felt my body ease into the run. My legs took the reins and reeled my mind into cruise control and I just coasted along the street  – finally feeling the sun on my face. R. Kelly was right. It did feel like heaven.

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