Let’s Climb Some Stairs!

My phone alarm tried its best to get me outta bed to run this morning at 7 a.m. – before the heat waved in. Couldn’t do it. (shaking my head) Missed any chance of running after 9 a.m. when I finally rolled out of bed.

In this heatwave, I know it’s been hard to make it through that very slim window Mother Nature is allowing us to get outdoors and burn some calories before she waves her heat wand.

However … there’s still plenty we can do – and contrary to popular belief, every little bit DOES count!

So, today’s suggestion is stair climbing.

No, not the intense stair climbing that the gym offers. Just the flights at your job, in the subway, the mall, Best Buy across from the Inner Harbor (if you’re in Baltimore) or your house – if you have two levels.

Challenge yourself not only to take the stairs, but to think positively about them. Don’t worry – it’s not a race, you’re not being timed or judged. It’s one step after another. Stair climbing is the perfect analogy to the process of increasing your exercise habits. Each step you take is another check mark in your progress. Look behind you to how far you’ve come, not ahead to how far you have to go.

Forget about the escalator or if you feel you could use a bit of practice getting used to climbing the stairs, use the escalator. While it’s moving, you move too. Climb! Climb! Climb!

And if you’re home, the pressure is off. Take advantage of your privacy. No one’s looking; no one’s listening to you huff and puff. Practice going up and down your staircase three or four times – walking as fast as you can at first. Then pick up your feet and jog up those stairs; walk back down and then jog back up again. Hold on to the rail if you need to. You’re not doing this for the Olympics and safety is priority.

Your exercise goal is to do something every day – ideally for 60 minutes every day. But I’m a firm believer in crawling before you walk. So set a manageable daily time goal for yourself – how about 20 minutes a day for two weeks? Then 30 minutes a day for one month? Then hold it there for another month before you increase your time in 15- minute increments at your own pace until you can hold steady at 60- minutes of exercise per day.

Don’t let the heat stop you! Climb those stairs in the cool-conditioner air indoors.

Hope you had a great day!

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