Through Mud Puddles …

…and past excavation projects on the running trail, I ran today.
I utilized all methods of positive thought and talking to myself to make me get in the cold to run. I had to do it. And that’s what I told myself: “you have to do this” And I did! But, oh it was such a difficult task. Cold weather chills me to my bones – I can never seem to get warm enough. So today I donned a thin tank top and layered two thermal tops and a thick jacket on to ward off any chills. And, wonder of all wonders, I enjoyed my run today! The trail was muddy in spots but overall clear. The breeze chilled my skin and cooled me off when I beads of sweat started to moisten my clothes. I went around the trail twice (I seriously need timer/distance thingie) This was my first run since the temperature dropped. I’m a bus rider. I feel the chill of every digit dropping. So it’s been habit for me to hibernate in winter and re-lace my running shoes in the spring. 😉 Very proud of myself today though. Even though I don’t know many miles I logged, I’m satisfied that I braved the cold, dodged mud puddles and maneuvered around hard-hatted workers to complete an awesome run! Yayy me! 🙂

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