Love Thy Neighbor …Not Lose Thy Mind


Image by 18brumaire via Flickr

Well, it sounds like a noble concept. But it can be a bit difficult to follow through with when your neighbor refuses to monitor their noise level and consistently feeds the rat population.
I find myself having to pull patience from reservoirs that I didn’t know I had. At least not for grown people who apparently only grew in age only.
However, even though they are driving me to frustration, they’re also teaching me, just as my other neighbors have.
Now, you have to realize that I’m not speaking of neighbors that you could probably tune out for the most part in a regular apartment. I live in a home that was converted into two apartment levels. My first floor apartment and my neighbor’s apartment upstairs. If this were still a single family home – my neighbor’s apartment would be the bedrooms. That’s TOOOOO close for someone like me who bucks when someone intrudes their personal space without an invitation.
But, for the most part I’m learning tolerance. I know it’s difficult for them – having to exist in basically two rooms plus a kitchen and bathroom. It’s not that I expect them to tiptoe or turn their t.v. and stereo volume down to whisper. But could I please go to sleep without hearing “Liar, Liar” on THEIR television? Do I have to hear music thumping through my ceiling? And if I do, could I make a request? That one song over and over is driving me nuts!
I must say though that my dedication to being patient pays off most of the time. (Well, except for the time a loud BOOM! woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was out my door and knocking on theirs before I my brain could remember what patience was!)
Usually, they will turn down the music or the television volume before my hand touches my doorknob. And they actually picked up the trash that the rats had strewn onto the carport before I knocked on their door to make a request.
So, I feel like I’m handling things well. After all we have to live in the same space and be neighbors right? We don’t really have to love each other. But respect would be nice ….and a thick barrier, but well you can’t have everything right?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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