Run Baby Run!

Image by sophiea via Flickr

Neither rain nor cold weather…

… can keep this woman from her scheduled runs; at least that is my goal, but alas I’m not there yet.

I had been thinking that I’d let my gym membership with Lynn Brick’s go. I’ve got yoga workouts, my kettlebell training, and when I really want torture, I can get insane with Shaun T.

But without Lynn Brick’s, I’ve got no place to run. Because when  cold weather moves in, I generally move in with it – inside my apartment; and I forget about running on that trail until after the spring thaw.

The problem is, even though the treadmill is okay,  I prefer to  run outside. I just haven’t worked up the gumption to do it when it’s cold.

Today is a perfect example. The temperature is 54 degrees outside, cold enough for hats and some light outerwear – great running weather. I walked to the store with my daughter and granddaughter wishing that I’d worn gloves. My body was warm but my hands were freezing! All the way up to the store and back I was thinking how good a run would feel on the trail near our apartment. I  searched my mind for the gloves I still had from last year, hoping that my mind can help me out since I’ve yet to find them.

And since I still can’t find them … hmmm … maybe they’re in that bag in the back of the closet…. you know what’ll happen? I won’t go running! It’s just that simple, and that frustrating for me. I will miss out on a good mind-cleansing run just because I can’t find gloves to keep my hands warm.

Oh, my mind will force-feed me the logic: once you get running, your hands will warm up; it’s really not that cold, just ball your hands up into a fist til you warm up. But in the end, the cold will win. And I’ll tell myself that it’s okay. I’ll either find my gloves for the next day or buy some new pairs.

But I still get annoyed that I’m that easily deterred by rainy, cold weather. I recall last year standing at the bus stop on my way home from work – bundled up in a coat with three full layers of clothing underneath, a hat, thick gloves and still shivering, swaying back and forth to the music on my Ipod trying to keep warm. Off to my right I caught a quick movement. A runner blew by – dressed in nothing but spandex pants and what looked like a thin top, gloves and a hat. For about 60 seconds, I forgot all about how cold I was. I just wanted my face to radiate the calm that his did; instead of this pitiful “I’m freezing!” one that I’m sure I had.

Dedicated runners are easy to spot. They will strip down to nothing when the sun is blazing triple digits, or don the appropriate weather gear for rain-runs or frigid temperatures. I see them when I’m riding on a warm and toasty bus and dedicate myself to get out there too – until the bus reaches my stop and my dedication freezes; and the only running I do is to my apartment to stay.

I will be working on that this winter. I will buy more gloves; since I still can’t find the ones from last year. I will buy some Under Armour gear – people say that the price is worth it. I will do my level best to morph into a dedicated runner.

But just in case one winter isn’t enough to make that transition … I’ll keep my gym membership dues flowing.

3 thoughts on “Run Baby Run!

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  2. Yoohooo! I hate running on horrible cold, rainy, slushy, icky days too.
    But you know how giving in once makes you slack twice….thrice….four times?
    Well, that’s why they invented the treadmill, huh? 🙂


    • Lol! Amen for treadmills!
      But I’m gonna be working on that running-in-cold-rain thing. 🙂 Maybe if I think warm thoughts? 🙂
      Now you mentioned slush – ugh! That’s a whole new post! 🙂



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