Re-energize Stress to Change Your Life

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Do you believe it’s possible to change your life? I mean really change it; start it over again; begin completely anew? Have you ever thought how easy or difficult it might be to actually execute a plan to make that happen? What would it take for you?

A new job? A major move to a new city or state – perhaps out of the country? Would it require hitting the lottery? Striking it rich in the stock market? Becoming a real estate mogul? Or would changing your life be more of an internal move than an external one?

Feel like your brain cells just nose-dived from just the thought of thinking this out? (smile) I know it’s a lot, But look at it this way. Life is a journey; a labyrinth of choices that may be linear and without challenge, or which twist, turn and lead us toward seemingly insurmountable hurdles and only half-finished bridges. To avoid a crash and burn, sometimes we need to just stop and begin again. So, let’s begin this journey with a first step.

Look at your life – that by itself is a gruelling task for many people. I mean really look at it. Look at everything about your life that makes you happy, that satisfies you and gives you a sense of feeling complete. Then look at the things that make you unhappy, that cause stress, that don’t allow you to see a reflection of pride when you look in the mirror. Are the bad qualities of your life crushing your shoulders, pushing you further into a bed of quicksand that won’t let you find a foot-hold to get out?

If so, then change is your next step. Are you afraid of change? Change is scary isn’t it? Change doesn’t promise security; nor does it promise that it will be easy or give you peace. What change can offer is opportunity. The opportunity to do something new; something you may have never tried before; something that you wouldn’t have known that you would like if you had never let change into your house.

But when you give change a chance to face-lift your life, you’ll find a way to make it over those hurdles and finish those half-constructed bridges.

So, gather up your gear and continue on with your journey. And when you hit a brick wall, reach a fork in the road or approach an insurmountable hurdle, don’t drain your energy stressing about it; use it to open the door and let change in.

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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