Still working on your New Year resolutions?

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So, we’re 56 days into the new year.  How are  those New Year’s resolutions looking? Attainable? More difficult to achieve than you thought? Downright outrageous?
Did you give serious thought to HOW you were going to make those resolutions happen? Or by force of habit, did you get caught up in the momentary excitement of starting over, thinking somehow your resolutions would resolve themselves?
It’s easy to do. I used to make the same resolution every year: I’m going to write more; get published again; develop book ideas. Ironically, those concepts became reality when I STOPPED making resolutions about them. 
Sounds crazy right? Well, if you know me, you know that I rarely do anything that makes sense to everybody.  My methods work for me. What works for you? What will get your concepts out of your head and into your reality?

A resolution is just a firm decision to do something. But it won’t get itself done. You still have to take some positive action. 
I can SAY I’m going to stop eating so much cheese. But if I load my grocery cart with, not only the block cheddar cheese, but Velveeta – (’cause you know I need Velveeta for grilled cheese sandwiches); pepper jack cheese (’cause that’s my favorite); and that spicy Colby Jack cheese  looks yummy, yummy – gotta get that!
Didn’t I say I was going to cut back on cheese? It went right out the window when my stomach started growling.
So, here are a few tips to help you keep your resolutions:

Write them down! Most likely you’ve already got a football field of information in your head. Why add to it? Write your resolutions down. You need to see them; give them a concrete place in your life and not just space in your mind.
Put them where you can see them: On your frig and cabinets (got a weight-loss resolution?); taped on a jar (resolved to clean your potty mouth? Make a cuss jar); on your television (too much time in front of the idiot box? Put reminders to take care of finances, organize your daily schedule, crochet while your watching); and of course exercising! Put reminders to do that EVERYWHERE! On the bathroom mirror, your bedroom door. Out of magazines I’ve torn pictures of running tips, yoga poses, core-strengthening exercises and taped them to my refrigerator and my bedroom closet doors. You know what they say: Out of sight …..
Set an attainable goal: Don’t say “I’m planning on losing 10 pounds by the end of the month,” and then drive past the gym. Set a long-term goal and then set week-by-week goals to help you reach that long-term goal. Focusing on reaching the short-term, weekly goals will keep your mind positive so you aren’t tempted to give up.
Outline a written plan of action: Think of it like a business. Habits are easily acknowledged but difficult to change. You need a plan of action. If cutting down on sweets is your goal, keep a food diary and document every time you eat sweets during that day and night. When you can see what you’re doing, you can change it. Write it.
Reward yourself! But choose carefully: Now what sense does it make to go a whole week without eating sweets and then reward yourself with a regular sweet-fest? Be sensible. If you worked successfully on your eating habits, reward yourself with a new outfit in the size you’re trying to get to. If you did at least 30-minutes of running, yoga, walking, biking or other aerobics three times that week, reward yourself with a pedometer to track your miles or an Ipod for music while you work out. See where I’m going here?
So, let’s get to work on these resolutions! And let me know how you’re doing. We’re all in this life thing together!



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