Health issues and stress be gone! Write it! Write it! Write it!

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A CNN news report recently lauded writing as an excellent way for patients to not only relieve the stress of their individual health conditions, but alluded that writing may actually pave the way for a speedier recovery.

Surprised? Skeptical? I’m not. But that’s because I write. Not from a patient’s viewpoint; from my experience as a single mother; as a perimenopausal woman; as a grandmother; as a Mom trying to work through her personal relationships; as a domestic violence survivor; as ….. well you get the point right?

I believe in the power of writing; of getting your thoughts down on paper; of using your pen or your keyboard as a vehicle to carry you out of a dark existence on to  a lighted path where you can actually live your life – not be a victim of it.

Let’s face it, life either already is, or can be stressful. I’m not saying that’s the plan. However, it’s inevitable if we haven’t learned to micro-manage our own lives. We have so much to deal with daily: family, work, household responsibilities, planning for the future, trying to survive in the present, struggling to acquire the finances to pay bills, have fun, and buy more stuff so that we can reconfigure how we’re gonna pay the bills and have fun. Unless we either change the way we think, or sell all our belongings and move to an uninhabited island, we’re gonna be stressed. A great way to manage just how stressed is to keep a diary, journal, blog – whichever you choose; and then write about it. You can easily set up a blog on anything you want – free of charge and headache. You just post as little or as much as you choose. If a public blog is too much, then a personal diary is the thing for you. Pen or pencil and whichever style writing pad, notebook, or fancy diary you choose will work just fine. If you date your entries, you can pull out the diary months or years from when you started it and see just how far you’ve come.

Writing is your therapist; your counselor; your Tylenol or Advil; your six-pack of Corona; your pint of Haagen-Daz ice cream; and hopefully your deterrent to stress-induced depression, high blood pressure, weight loss or gain, and heart disease.

So, before you become a patient, pick up a pen; get tapping on your keyboard. Why not start now?

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