Knead your knees with easy-does-it workouts!

Yoga postures Navasana

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Wanna drop some pounds but know for a fact your knees would lock if you tried to get them to run anywhere? What about a 30-minute walk three times a week? Whose knees are you gonna use to accomplish that?

My worst physical awareness moment was after I’d started jogging; had been going at it pretty good for about maybe six months and little by little started noticing that when I descended my apartment stairs, I literally heard my knees creaking! For the first time in all my years, I was aware that they were there – sounded like little bones rubbing together all at once. UGH!

If you’re middle-aged (OMG … who created that term!) like me – over 40 and moving quickly toward your age 50 milestone, you wanna be walking with your own knees when you get there right? But that shouldn’t mean sitting down for the rest of your life should it? We can’t all be 5k marathoners, but we can get some sweat going, burn some fat and build muscle – and guess how?


Yep yoga! People already into the yoga practice have known its benefits for years – but I just got the memo. Yoga might look simple. A few years ago I used to watch a yoga program on PBS where a little Asian lady spent 30 minutes moving effortlessly through yoga poses next to a serene setting, with soft music playing in the background. Get serious! THAT’S burning fat? But try a few of those poses – the elbow plank, cobra pose, camel pose, warrior poses, downdog – get into one of those poses and try holding it for at least 10 seconds.  Whooee! You better keep a towel handy!

And if you REALLY wanna sweat, let Jillian Michaels‘ beginner and intermediate “Yoga Meltdown” tone your muscles and burn some fat – all while saving your knees; a low impact workout at its best!

For yoganomics 101: check out

Happy sweating!!

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