People are not punching bags!

The cover of the edition on domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence – no matter what the latest term is, the PROBLEM is that it still exists. Headlines scream attention; books are written about it; movies give graphic details; and even songs beg us to pay attention (Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way you Lie”)

The message is clear: there are still relationships out there where one person thinks it’s his (or in some cases her) solemn duty to control  – violently and sometimes to the death. The signs flash, but are ignored until they’re confused with something else and their meaning becomes distorted.

Below is an excerpt and a link to an article I wrote and mini quiz I created. Read, click and remember that domestic violence won’t go away if the spotlight doesn’t stay on it.

It’s 2010 …. Thirty-three years since battered wife Francine Hughes set fire to her Michigan home and sent her abusive husband to his death while he lay in a drunken stuper; twenty-seven years since Tracey Thurman’s ex-husband Charles “Buck” Thurman, left her partially paralyzed from 13 stabs and numerous stomps to her head in broad daylight …..

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