Nana times five!

My eldest daughter just gave birth to my fourth granddaughter and fifth grandchild. Wow! I never could have imagined years ago that I would be a grandmother times five before I’m 50; that I’d be single; and that financially I wouldn’t be stable enough to be able to stay home and be the grandmother I always pictured. But what’s really weird is that even though I didn’t make the decisions that would have stablized my life more, I’m happy. And I’m thankful that I do get to spend time with my grandchildren. I didn’t have that growing up. My mother’s mother lived in North Carolina. She was in her 60’s I think when my sister and i were growing up and I don’t ever recall her visiting. And the only time we visited her was in the summer for the family reunion and Christmas I think. There were no phone calls from or to her so I didn’t feel like I really had a relationship with her at all. I saw my father’s mother only once before she died. So, even though I thought I was too young to be a grandmother in my forties, I’m thankful that I’m young enough to run around with them, that I get to see them often, and I’m thankful that they get the benefit of my wisdom and my friendship.

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